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Sport Development Programme 2020

On 31 August 2015, the Council of Ministers adopted a resolution approving the Sport Development Programme 2020.

The Sport Development Programme 2020 is the first strategic document related to sport and compliant with the requirements of the new system of strategic management laid down in the Act on the principles of development policy. The Programme has been drawn up with the aim to meet the obligations set out in the Human Capital Development Strategy 2020.  The Sport Development Programme 2020  is also consistent with other applicable strategic documents, including the Long-term National Development Strategy, the National Development Strategy 2020 and the Social Capital Development Strategy 2020.

In view of the goal of ensuring maximum compatibility of the Programme with existing national strategic documents and the European Union guidelines applicable to sport and physical activity, the document presents a new approach to sport, which is understood as an important area of public policy. This approach is rooted in the context of other policies, in particular towards health, education, transport, tourism, spatial development, as well as the labour market and social policy, with particular emphasis on sport’s potential for building social capital.

Such an approach to sport makes intervention in this area economically balanced, too. Investment in sport should be treated primarily as promoting a healthy lifestyle, which also encourages positive social attitudes. The development of health-enhancing physical activity reduces healthcare and social insurance costs, and has a positive impact on employees e.g. by reducing absenteeism from work and increasing their efficiency and creativity. In addition, sport has an educational dimension, in particular in relation to children and teenagers. Nor should the role of sport as an important sector of the economy be underestimated because it creates demand for sport-related products and services (e.g. clothing apparel, tourist services) and encourages innovation.

The vision set out in the Programme, to be implemented through strategic sport activities, is a society with a well-developed habit of practicing physical activity with sufficient frequency and intensity to enjoy a healthy and longer life. Such a vision will also reduce the social costs related to the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. The main objective provided for in the document is to create conditions that will enable progress towards the presented vision i.e. towards the ideal situation of society being active and healthy. The main objective involves two key components: ensuring the conditions for the development of physical activity (sports infrastructure and offers, as well as appropriate organizational structures), and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The main objective will be achieved through specific objectives related to:

  • ensuring the appropriate conditions and offers for practicing physical activity at each stage of life,
  • using the potential of sport to build social capital,
  • improving the organizational and legislative conditions for the development of sport, and increasing the availability of qualified human resources,
  • using the potential of competitive sport for popularizing physical activity and for promoting Poland internationally.